Sega Looks to Settle Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit With $1.25 Million, Gearbox Would Remain Part of Case

on August 12, 2014 6:38 AM

Publisher SEGA is looking to close up the class action lawsuit which alleges Aliens: Colonial Marines was falsely advertised with a payout of $1.25 million dollars.

If the payout is accepted by the court, SEGA’s role in the case will be finished, although the company says that the payout is not an admission of guilt. Company officials state that the payout is to stem further losses from legal fees and the uncertainty of litigation.

The filing also notes that the payment is only intended to release SEGA from the class action lawsuit, with developer Gearbox Studios having to continue the fight.

In exchange for the relief described above, Sega — but not Gearbox — will receive a full release of all claims related to Aliens: Colonial Marines, including claims relating to the design, marketing, operation of, or warranties provided in connection with the game.

Last month, Gearbox filed to be released from the class action suite, claiming that marketing of its game was SEGA’s responsibility.

If the payout is approved by the court, roughly $735,000 dollars will be made available to customers who purchased the game before February 13 2013, with each individual payout not exceeding the purchase prise of the game. Of the remainder, $312,500 will go towards attorney fees, $200,000 to administration and a final $2,500 will go to the plaintiff.