Sega NYC Media Day: Alien vs. Predator Impressions

Sega NYC Media Day: Alien vs. Predator Impressions

Alien versus Predator was a fans dream that only existed in the minds of those that dared to mix the two films together and contemplate who would win in an interstellar war, until the films were made a reality. It was only a matter of time until those same fans decided to transition that love to a gaming console and let fans relive the action for themselves and so rises Alien vs. Predator the game.

I recently had the chance to get hands on with Aliens vs. Predators and take the game for a spin. The game starts off with a few options. You can choose between single, survival and multiple player games. Single player is the campaign, survival is a horde-style mode where waves of enemies attack you and your goal is to survive while multiplayer will let you go online and kill friends or strangers. Multiplayer will boast a ton of different zombie style games where one player will start as an alien and everyone else is a marine and then you convert them, as well as death matches.

The single player campaign is split into three different sections: Alien, Predator and Marine. So you can experience the game from the eyes of three different species, each with its own set of abilities and nuances. Aliens are faster, Predators are stronger and Marines have access to more weapons and each has its own unique HUD. As you start with one race you get a quick tutorial of their abilities and how to use them, like how to stealth kill with the Aliens or lock on with the Predator shoulder cannon.


As I played through a match of survival I was a marine in a small room with Aliens running about the ceiling and my motion sensor going nuts. I could not help but think of Aliens 2 with Hicks yelling “Their in the room man!” The sound of the marine rifle was spot on and even the sweeping of the motion sensor put me right back into the feel of the films. I quickly shot down some Aliens and found out that if you try to walk over the carcass you will take damage from their acid blood.

Although the game is a strict FPS style game there are differences in game play from the three different races and how they best can dispatch enemies. As well as the controls since each set of characters will need you to control and set up different strategies in order to survive and succeed. I think I was most impressed with the little thing like if you rotate your Alien fast enough you can actually see your own tail or chase it around if you would like to. As well as one moment where I used my Predator claw to kill an Alien and you could see the acid dripping off of the claw as well as a vapor trail. Sweet.

One pretty interesting thing is that once you finish one section of the game you can actually continue on as a different race if you want to switch things up, i.e. play as a marine for the first board and then switch to an Alien for the second. This is a unique feature that I have not seen in any other title. The controls In the game were pretty straight forward and again really only took a minute or so for you to get used to the differences between races.

It looked like a standard shooter with not a terrible amount of depth to it especially since the game has about 12 hours of game play to it, 4 hours with each race to finish the game. I think this title can shine in its online play as well as its unique ability to capture the nostalgia of the films. This is not based off of any of the films but you can expect to see our old friend Bishop make his cameo and lend his voice to the game for authenticity.

I think Alien versus Predator is a must have for the hardcore fan and is a possible good pick up for someone looking for a bit of a varied experience within the same game. Also expect DLC in the form of new maps for multiplayer to be available in Collector’s Editions or online for multiplayer matches.