Sega NYC Media Day: Resonance of Fate Impressions

One title that made an appearance at Sega’s recent media-only event was one that is probably under the radar of many gamers out there. Resonance of Fate or End of Eternity as it’s known in its home country of Japan, is a role-playing game created by developers Tri-Ace. The game marks the very first time that the developers venture away from their normal publisher in SquareEnix and place their title in the hands of Sega. We had our time with the game shown to us by Sega’s Wayne Shiu who had this to say about the the title.

“In a lot of things they’ve [Tri-Ace] done for Square they’ve made great games but to be fair this game shows that they have the freedom to do whatever they want.” And it definitely shows, as it’s “a different RPG from everything else that is going on in Japan.”

For those unfamiliar with the game story here’s a brief breakdown by Shiu. “The world is failing, and humanity creates a giant machine for them to live on in order to keep the race alive. Fast forward into the future, the machines are a lot older so they  too are beginning to fail. It is your task to help repair and restore power.”

A lot of the world has an industrial, steam punk look to it. You won’t see lush greenery really because you’re living on a giant machine essentially. The game will have day and night time cycles. In other words people throughout the game world will act differently depending on the time of day. Some times you’ll only get certain responses from people at night, which should provide for not only replay value but also plenty of variation in even your first play through.

Another thing to make note of is that unlike most JRPG’s, the battle system is all about guns. Yes, you just heard right. A JRGG that has an emphasis on some good old lead pumping action. Gun proficiency level whether it be a handgun, SMG, or grenades all add up to create your character level.

We asked if there were more weapons classes available (i.e. shotguns, sniper rifles) and the answer was no, but Shiu followed up that inquiry with the customizations available and immediately blew us away. Basically, if you can think it, you can customize it. So where on hand there isn’t a sniper rifle in the game, on the other hand I can customize my pistol to have 2 scopes, a stock, and a grip. At the upgrade screen you’re also given a breakdown of every custom piece you add or take away in order to know what works best for you. Bullet types are also customizable. There are armor piercing shells available as well as the usual RPG lot of fire, ice, and other elements as well.

In traditional JRPG fashion, you will in fact encounter a world map that consists of multiple levels that can be traversed back and forth through an elevator system. While on the world map it is your job to restore power to areas of the machine that need it, however while doing so you can be thrust into a battles at any time as they occur at random. The battle system is real time, and full of stylized over the top action. One of the biggest battle highlights I saw in the demo had to be a three-person cut-scene style “resonance tri-attack”. I’ll break it down to you this way: three characters, all of which were dual wielding guns, running around and surrounding one bad guy. I’m guessing you already know how that scenario ended. And yes, it was freaking awesome.

With a campaign and side missions that will span over 50 hours, Resonance of Fate is sure please the hardcore JRPG fan.  Readers sent us in a bunch of questions they had for this title, and I can assure you that Sega answered them all. Make sure to tune into ShockCast Episode 4 next week to get the full scoop on this upcoming title.

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