SEGA Pleased with Launch Day Vanquish Sales

SEGA Pleased with Launch Day Vanquish Sales


According to SEGA, first day sales of Platinum Games’ New TPS sci-fi action number Vanquish are inspiring. President of SEGA West, Mike Hayes, spoke specifically about the American sales, saying:

“It’s been in the marketplace for two days, we’ve seen the day one numbers and we’re reasonably encouraged, but I think we need to see the rest of week one and probably week two just to see how it’s going to play out, The challenge is that it’s a new franchise and that it’s releasing head-to-head with a lot of established franchises in the busiest time of the year.”

He makes some excellent points. It’s good to see one of P* Games’ titles getting the commercial success, along with the critical praise, that they all deserve. Vanquish is available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.