Sega Says No Mas Hardcore for Wii...Maybe

In a very strange turn of events (insert sarcasm here) it seems that Sega will no longer continue to develop hardcore titles for the Nintendo Wii. Sega made a relatively strong push in 2009 in regards to titles that reach out to the hardcore game playing-Wii owning crowd, but it was to avail. Titles such as Madworld, House of the Dead: Overkill, and The Conduit managed to all somehow fly below the radar and sell well below what was originally projected. During the most recent  4 Guys 1 up podcast, Constantine Hantzopoulos who is Sega of America’s studio director discussed how the company had been using EA’s Dead Space: Extraction sales as a reference (and well all know how that went) to figure out Sega’s plans for hardcore Wii titles in the coming year and the next. He also said

“That begets the question, you know, are we gonna do more mature titles for the Wii and it’s like … probably not.”

It’s funny how I wrote an editorial about this a couple month’s back, and was crucified by Nintendo fanboys for it. The article discussed all the reasons why developers will start to abandon hardcore Wii development. And look now 2 months later, first EA and now Sega go on the record as stating the same thing. Damn I love being right!


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