Sega Tease Segata Sanshiro Related Announcement For March 25

Sega is planning to announce on March 25 something related to Sega Saturn's mascot Segata Sanshiro.

By Iyane Agossah

March 19, 2020

Sega is teasing a Segata Sanshiro and Sega Saturn related announcement for March 25. A teaser page was opened for Sega’s 60th anniversary and it reads: “Hello!! Sega fans. Hey! If you reached this page it means you love Sega right!? Please wait for the site to open soon♪”. Another page, named Segashiro, also includes the photo of a judoka, with a countdown to March 25 reading “X days until dramatic birth”. The page also reads “Sega 60th anniversary Ambassador”. Everything indicates something Segata Sanshiro/Sega Saturn related. (Shoutout to VFDC for pointing out the Segashiro page.)

Sega stealthily shared this Segashiro page on March 19 through a tweet with a QR code:

The tweet reads “Uh? Why is there judo wear here…?”

Segata Sanshiro was Sega and Sega Saturn’s mascot in Japan, played by martial artist and (Kamen Rider) actor Hiroshi Fujioka. Segata Sanshiro’s commercials for the Saturn are some of the funniest things ever made and I used to loop them when I was a kid. You should definitely check them out if you’ve never seen them. Segata Sanshiro also appeared in Project x Zone 2 on Nintendo 3DS a few years ago.

It’s important to note that usually, by the end of March, Sega holds the Sega Fes, its annual anniversary event. We’re near the end of March, and Sega still didn’t announce Sega Fes this year and it’s definitely not happening because of Coronavirus. Sega Fes always has huge announcements. Sega Fes 2019 fully revealed both the new Sakura Wars PS4 game and the Mega Drive Mini. This means Sega should be revealing some big news soon.

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Anything is on the table for the next few weeks seeing Sega has been on a roll lately, with the Mega Drive Mini, Sakura Taisen‘s successful revival, the Yakuza series, Panzer Dragoon, the Virtual-On PS4 Remasters, etc. The most plausible announcement would be Sega reviving Segata Sanshiro as a Sega ambassador with a new actor succeeding Hiroshi Fujioka. Though he might be coming back himself as he did appear for a special anniversary event at Sega Fes 2019. Another possibility speculated by many Sega fans is a new Virtua Fighter game. Yet another theory would be the announcement of a Sega Saturn Mini.

In any case, I’m more excited than ever and eager to see whether this March 25 announcement will be related to Segata Sanshiro or something else.

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