SEGA Drops a Curious Teaser for Incoming Announcement Next Week

SEGA Drops a Curious Teaser for Incoming Announcement Next Week

SEGA has some tricks up its sleeve with a new teaser image that is pointing towards an upcoming announcement on January 16.

SEGA has been known to drop some fun hints as to what’s coming from the publisher in the past, and now it appears that the publisher is hinting towards some new reveal next week, though whether it will be a new game announcement or a port of some kind remains to be seen.

Over on SEGA’s official Twitter account, the publisher posted a new image that points toward an incoming announcement on Tuesday, January 16th, though what it actually is revealing is unknown right now, other than it involving a light bulb, as the image shows.

SEGA has done this sort of vague teasing within the past few years, with two of its more high profile teases of this kind coming from the release of Bayonetta and Vanquish last year on PC. Leading up to Bayonetta‘s release on PC last year, SEGA dropped plenty of hints that the Umbran Witch would make her long-awaited debut on the platform (with the first game only being available at the time on PS3 and Xbox 360), while the PC release of Bayonetta itself hid clues that the cult favorite Vanquish would come to the platform later on.

While obviously we don’t have much to go on right now, I’m sure we’re seeing SEGA dropping some vague teasers about something worth getting excited about, and it will be interesting to see what exactly it is next week.