Sega Teases New “◯◯◯×RPG” to Be Revealed Tomorrow

Sega Teases New “◯◯◯×RPG” to Be Revealed Tomorrow

Sega is teasing a brand new game code-named "◯◯◯×RPG," that will be revealed to the world tomorrow, but it might be a mobile title.

Today Sega opened a teaser website for a mysterious new game, defined a “completely new project.”

The website includes the rather peculiar “◯◯◯×RPG” stylization, and the url includes the world “Kibou” that in Japanese means “hope.”

Unfortunately, it probably won’t be a great surprise like today’s announcement of Valkyria Chronicles 4. While no platform is officially disclosed, the source code of the website includes the keyword “iOS” possibly indicating that this might be a mobile game. Of course, the possibility exists that this might be simply a mistake made copying and pasting code from other sites.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long in order to know what this is all about because the reveal is coming quickly, and more precisely tomorrow.

We’ll keep an eye on the announcement and let you know as soon as Sega discloses the nature of the game. For now, all we can do is to wait and see, possibly keeping expectations firmly in check.