Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi: Sequels for Judgment Aren't Planned

Toshihiro Nagoshi shared comments on Pierre Taki's arrest, Judgment's excellent sales in Japan.

On today’s Sega Nama stream, Toshihiro Nagoshi, the chief creative officer for SEGA and director of Judgment, shared some updates on the future of the new IP and the Pierre Taki case. He mentioned how surprised he was like everyone else when the news broke out, and how they quickly decided to temporarily halt Judgment’s sales.

Everyone involved with Judgment all had different opinions on what to do and thought there was no correct solution to the problem. Some thought that the game itself is unrelated to the case and shouldn’t be affected, while some didn’t. In the end, they decided what to do by vote.

Toshihiro Nagoshi also jokingly said he saw multiple journalists reporting that Judgment 2 and even Judgment 3 were already planned, and how journalists get way too carried away. Everyone is assuming Sega already greenlighted more Judgment games,  but they didn’t decide anything. If they do make a sequel, Pierre Taki’s character Kyohei Hamura won’t appear in it. The fact that there’s no sequel planned doesn’t seem to be related to the case though.

Toshihiro Nagoshi also talked about how following the Pierre Taki case, the Judgment development team received messages of support, but also mocking “serves you right guys” messages, saying they should stop using real personalities as actresses and actors in their games. Nagoshi said that he doesn’t think it got anything to do with whether they hire them or not, and that anyone can make such mistakes anyway. If, for example, one of Sega’s developers had similar condemnable conduct, they’d take measures accordingly as well.

Toshihiro Nagoshi also jokingly said he’s angry about people suddenly buying the game following the scandal, and how they should have bought it from the start if they really wanted it, as that would have been better. The high sales do make him happy though, and Judgment sold through 97% of its shipments as of now.

Judgment is a PS4 exclusive and will release in the west on June 25. Sega confirmed that Pierre Taki’s character will be changed, meaning sales should resume soon in Japan once they’re done with the change.

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