Sega Europe Gets into the Christmas Spirit With Free Sonic Unleashed Codes

Sega Europe Gets into the Christmas Spirit With Free Sonic Unleashed Codes

Sega Europe gives Sonic the Hedgehog fans one more reason to be jolly this holiday season with a wealth of free Sonic Unleashed codes.

The holiday season can be a bit overbearing at times. Rushing from store to store to secure the perfect gift, preparing enormous meals, and scheduling to meet up with practically everyone you’ve ever crossed paths with be a daunting and exhausting task. Sometimes, it’s nice to receive a little gift along the way, and this year Sega Europe has fans covered.

Moments after most Europeans finished off the last of their turkey dinner on Christmas day, the official Sega Europe Twitter account surprised fans by unloading a string of codes for Sonic Unleashed.

Each code featured in the tweet was for a copy of the full game and was redeemable via Xbox One and Xbox 360.  The decade-old game which features the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog transforming into a dangerously unhinged werehog was recently added to Xbox One’s ever-growing catalog of backward compatible titles.

With the original tweet rolling out five codes for fans to grab, Sega Europe then followed through with two more tweets with featuring an additional 15 codes.

Needless to say that these codes were snapped up almost instantly by Sonic fans wanting to relive the character’s werehog adventure before he hits the big screen next year.

Sonic Unleashed is available now on Xbox One via backward compatibility and Xbox 360. The game has also been released on Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3.