Sega’s New Releases. OUT NOW.

Sega’s New Releases. OUT NOW.

First up is an all time personal favourite of mine… not. I can’t help but feel Sonic and Mario are being purged of their childhood innocence by greedy japanese conglomerate businessmen.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games:


Out Now on Nintendo Wii and DS.

Download the new trailer here (99MB)

Then comes a game I assume not many heard of/cared about. I certainly know I didn’t – but hey – that’s Sega for you.

Aliens vs. Predator:

Alien Reveal Trailer [HD] can be downloaded here. (90MB)

Now we’re talkin! Something macho and entertaining (haha) – a firm favourite for many. Easily one of Sega’s only gems:

Football Manager 2010:


The Football Manager 2010 demo is now available.

Head to to download the demo today guys.

A game to break the mould? Well details are very vague at the moment, but by all means check out the programmer’s words along with a sneak peak video!


In the latest blog from Bayonetta developers PlatinumGames Inc. Kenji Saito discusses the role of a programmer.

And to finalize:


Alpha Protocol:

Alpha Protocol received its new worldwide deployment date for retailers, spring 2010!

Hope this little slice of news heaven keeps all you Sega fans up to date! … You many, many Sega fans…