Seinfeld Adventure Game is Trying to be Created by Passionate Developers

Developers Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon are trying to acquire the rights to create a point-and-click adventure game based on the 90s sitcom Seinfeld.

There has never been an official video game based on the classic sitcom Seinfeld, but two longtime fans are trying to change that.

Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon, a game developer and animator respectively, have come up with an idea to create a throwback, point-and-click adventure game based on the iconic TV show. The duo today launched a website for the tentatively-titled Seinfeld Adventure which gives an “unofficial pitch” of what they’d like to do with such a game.

Seinfeld Adventure would let you play as Jerry, George, and Elaine (no Kramer allowed) and would see you traversing through iconic locations from the show and utilizing familiar items. The pitch goes on to also explain why they want it to be a point-and-click title, what the story of the game would be about, and how it wouldn’t interfere with the legacy of the show. Furthermore, each “episode” of the game would last about 30 minutes, same as the show. Moving forward, more episodes could then be added as DLC.

The idea for creating a Seinfeld adventure game has been lingering on the minds of Dixon and Janerka for such a long time and the concept has been out in the ether for awhile. “Honestly, we are just huge fans of the show,” says the post on the Seinfeld Adventure website. “We both currently work full-time, Jacob in game development and Ivan in animation. However, this game is something we’ve been talking about for years and, in fact, it’s how we met. Our friendship is forged through a popular ‘90s sitcom.”

The only problem with this whole idea, as you can imagine, comes with obtaining the rights to create this project. Dixon and Janerka have released their idea for this Seinfeld game to the internet in the hopes that the excitement and passion from fans will gain the attention of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld themselves, who are the two creators of the show. From there, they then hope to get an official contract that would allow them to fully-realize this game through legitimate means. While they could opt to create this project right now and release it for free to fans, it opens them up to some major legal ramifications. If the right were given to them, Dixon and Janerka have said they’d likely then hire a larger team to help this become a reality.

You can check out the short trailer for Seinfeld Adventure down below which gives you a better idea of what this project could look like. If you like what you see, Dixon and Janerka are encouraging you to share the video far and wide and to use the hashtag #SeinfeldGame to help raise awareness.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that this “video game about nothing” can come to fruition.

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