Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles Gets Another Figure Ten Years Later, and She Looks Glorious

Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles Gets Another Figure Ten Years Later, and She Looks Glorious

Vertex revealed a brand new and beautiful figure of Valkyria Chronicles' Selvaria Bles, while QuesQ provides an update on its own.

The original Valkyria Chronicles will be ten years old on April 24, yet it’s certainly still present in the memories of JRPG fans, even thanks to the following remasters on PC and PS4.

Interestingly, while its protagonists are certainly loved, none has left an impression as strong as Selvaria Bles, despite the fact that she was an enemy general. Her beauty, paired with her self-sacrifice and devotion, topped by undeniable badassery, made her one of the most appreciated JRPG characters of all time. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that she’s still getting figures in 2018 when Sega is finally preparing to launch the fourth chapter of the series.

Today manufacturer Vertex revealed a brand new Selvaria figure at Wonder Festival 2018 Winter Edition, that is being held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo. The figure has been sculpted from an illustration by Character Designer Raita Honjou, and it looks lovely, featuring the sleeveless version of Selvaria’s uniform. It’s named “Selvaria Bles – Battle Mode.”

The  price and release date are still to be determined.

This isn’t even the first figure released by Vertex in the past few months, as in December they also reprinted another in a slightly less dynamic pose.

In other Selvaria figure news, today QuesQ provided an updated look at its Valkyria Chronicles – Selvaria Bles Bunny Spy Version that we saw in DecemberThis is a fresh prototype directly from the factory.

You can check out the new figures below (additional pictures are courtesy of Amiami), alongside the original illustration, and the one released in December.

Valkyria Chronicles is currently available for PS3, PS4, and PC. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can check out our review.