Semispheres Releasing on PC and PS4 February 14

Semispheres Releasing on PC and PS4 February 14

Vivid Helix announced today that their meditative puzzle game Semispheres will be releasing on February 14.

In Semispheres, players control two distinct avatars in two environments that appear on screen at the same time using both analogue sticks. The environments each avatar inhabits are very similar at first , but start to differentiate as players make their way through them. The avatars can enter each other’s realities too, making for more complex puzzles. The game also has a synth-led soundtrack by Sid Barnhoorn, who composed Antichamber and The Stanley Parable.

Radu Muresan, designer of Semisphereshad the following to say about finally releasing his game:

“I’m super excited for everybody to finally play Semispheres. From the first seed of an idea I prototyped at the Ludum Dare game jam in August 2014, to what players are about to experience, the game’s development has been an amazing experience. Now, with the game’s minimalist art style and an amazing soundtrack by Sid Barnhoorn, Semispheres represents the completion of the vision I had close to 3 years ago, striking the balance between calming and challenging I’ve been looking for.”

You can watch a previous trailer for the game here. Semispheres will be available on PC and PS4 February 14.