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Today marks exactly seven days before the DualShockers team invades the show floor of the Los Angeles convention center for E3. Our schedules are so tightly booked that it’s literally making my head spin. This year’s show seems like its going to be bigger than ever with all of the big 3 showing off hardware in some form or another  with the 3DS, Move, and Natal (respectively). However, they aren’t only bringing hardware as there will be major 1st party titles on display. Some quick examples of  those are Metroid: Other M, Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, Killzone 3, and iNFamous 2.

It isn’t all about the 1st party either, as 3rd party publishers are bringing the heat as well with titles like Medal of Honor (2010), Spec Ops: The Line, NBA Jam, Final Fantasy XIV, Marvel VS Capcom 3 and DC Universe Online. Speaking of 3rd party, who’s excited about Metal Gear: Rising? I’m practically shaking with anticipation. Then there’s the stuff I can’t even tell any of you about because they’re behind-closed-door meetings and viewings.

It also feels like 2010 will bring a reemergence of the rhythm genre as well. Just when you thought you seen the last of it, as announced today here comes DJ Hero 2. At the show we will also have Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as well as Rock Band 3, which apparently will have us tickling the ivories (aka playing the piano). There’s also rumblings about Harmonix taking on a dancing game with Natal, and if this is true, get togethers at my house will never be the same. There’s so much we know about E3 2010, and I’m sure there’s plenty we don’t but with that said, what is it that you want to know the most about? What is it that you’re most looking forward to? Maybe you’re not into the bigger publishers and want more info on the indie scene. Maybe you’re a filthy fanboy who just wants to be argumentative in the comments section. Either way, let us know as we want to give you all the very best E3 coverage we can give!

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