Sengoku Hime 7 Announced for PlayStation 4 in Japan

SystemSoft Alpha announced that the newest entry in their long-running war simulation series, Sengoku Hime 7, will be coming to PS4 in Japan.

on October 19, 2018 6:31 AM

Today, SystemSoft Alpha announced that Sengoku Hime 7 ~Sennun Tsuranuku Guren no Ishi~ will release in Japan for PlayStation 4 on January 24th, with a price tag of 7800 Yen. A limited edition for 9800 Yen was also announced, containing the game, an artbook, a Drama CD, a novel and an additional “magical girl” DLC costume for Yukimura.

Sengoku Hime is a turn-based war-strategy eroge series set in the Sengoku period for PC, created by Gesen 18. The first game released in 2008, and all episodes in the series had all-ages releases for PlayStation platforms in Japan, so this announcement isn’t too surprising. Sengoku Hime 7 initially released in October 2016 for PC, then on PS Vita on October 11th 2018. Despite the overall popularity of media about Sengoku Period historical figures turned into cute girls, and the all-ages versions, the series sadly never left Japan.

You can check out the game’s boxarts and the limited edition with the DLC costume in the gallery below. Though you should keep in mind before scrolling down that the costume is quite risque.

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