Sengoku Musou 5 Surprisingly Announced on Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, With A Trailer Full Of Pretty Boys

Sengoku Musou 5 Surprisingly Announced on Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, With A Trailer Full Of Pretty Boys

Sengoku Musou 5 is coming to Switch, trailer and first release date estimate inside.

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force revealed Sengoku Musou 5, Samurai Warriors 5, on Switch during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. Sengoku Musou 5 game will be coming worldwide in Summer 2021. This is the first game of the series in years, and highly anticipated by fans.

Update: Koei Tecmo announced Sengoku Musou 5 is also coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. This is a multi platform release after all. Moreover, monthly live streams with new information are coming. The first stream will be happening on February 25 JST. The game is also celebrating the franchise’s 18th anniversary.

Sengoku Musou 5 will be focusing on Oda Nobunaga and his trusted ally Akechi Mitsuhide. They were the two most prominently featured characters in the trailer. Many other characters are quickly shown however.

Sengoku Musou is set in feudal Japan and features several historical samurai and figures battling each other. It’s the main Musou series of Koei Tecmo and Omega Force alongside Sangoku Musou, Dynasty Warriors, which is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

This is the first Samurai Warriors game in a long while. All the characters have received new character designs for the occasion. The gameplay looks like the usual Musou, but Koei Tecmo might reveal some new subtleties later on.

Sengoku Musou 5 – Switch Reveal Trailer

For those of you who know a bit of Sengoku era history, or just are longtime anime fans, you definitely know about Nobunanga and Akechi. I’ll be interesting to see how the game handles their relationship.

In slightly related news, Koei Tecmo will also launch Persona 5 Strikers in the west this February, on PS4, Switch, and Steam. Slightly related only since Persona 5 Strikers is not a Musou game. But a more traditional action JRPG. It won’t be using the generals and outposts systems and everything from Musou. You can read more about the game with our coverage of the Japanese promotional content Atlus has released in the past. P5S has been out in Japan for a year after all, under the name Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers. Persona 5 Strikers will launch in America on Steam, PS4 and Switch on February 23, 2021.