Senior Game Designer Details New Legacy Perks for Update 1.3 in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Senior Game Designer Details New Legacy Perks for Update 1.3 in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The 1.2 patch in Star Wars: The Old Republic unlocked the Legacy system, which allows perks to be both unlocked and purchased throughout your server-wide Legacy. The upcoming 1.3 patch expands on what will be available for individual characters.

Character Perks will be available to help with leveling, increasing the amount of experience that is gained from doing certain things. The five categories will be Class Missions, Warzones, Space Missions, Exploration, and Flashpoints. Each category has different ranks that can be bought to increase the amount of experience gained. For example, if you are more of a PVP person than PVE, you might want to spend your credits on purchasing the higher level unlocks for more experience gained in Warzones over Flashpoints.

Travel perks will help you gain a speeder mount faster, reducing the level requirement to get your speeder skills to levels 10, 30 and 40 instead of 25, 40 and 50. There will also be new Priority Transport abilities, with new destinations to either the Gav Daragon or Ziost Shadow, your Capital World of Coruscant or Dromund Kass, the Outlaw’s Den on Tatoonie, and the Black Hole on Corellia.

Companion Perks are for you to modify how you interact with your companions. Unlocks can increase the affection rating for both gifts and conversation choices, higher chance for critical success when crafting, and shorten the amount of time it takes for them to sell vendor trash.

Convenience Perks allows for the anticipated Field Repair droid. The first rank allows you to summon it in order to repair any damage to your equipment, the second rank allows the droid to carry both medpacs and adrenals, while the final rank allows for crew skill materials to be purchased. You will also be able to summon the Mail Assistant Droid along with the Field Repair Droid.

Finally, the last perk being added is Field Respecialization.  That’s right, you’ll be able to respect anywhere at the same cost as it would in the cities. You can read the complete details on the updated Legacy system here.