Senran Kagura and Grand Knights History Likely Coming to North America

on September 10, 2011 3:00 PM

If you’re unfamiliar with these two titles, one of them, Senran Kagura, is a girl-on-girl fighting title  for the 3DS where damage is displayed by a loss of clothing, and Grand Knights History is an RPG from Vanillaware that we’ve covered pretty often here on DualShockers. According to a Siliconera interview with Executive Managing Director of Digital Contents for Marvelous Entertainment, Toshinori Aoki, and Business Development Coordinator Daniel Kurtz, both titles are likely to come to the West in the future.

As far as Senran Kagura goes, there seems to be an unusual amount of hype among niche Japanese game fans over here for the titilating title, so it was stated by Toshinori Aoki that “we are certainly looking to bring this over to America and we’re working hard to do so.”

They’re also likely to bring PSP RPG Grand Knights History over here. They have worked with Vanillaware in the past and, although Ignition is working with them for new titles like Dragon’s Crown, Marvelous plans to bring their other new RPG over to the West. “We’re currently working on Grand Knights History, which has high expectations worldwide and we’re thankful for that,” stated Aoki-san.

So, there you have it – we’ll soon be able to get a boobalicious fighter and a stylistic Vanillaware RPG into our grubby North American hands.

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