Sentai Filmworks Licenses The World God Only Knows For North American Release

Sentai Filmworks, the distributor that has recently picked up Persona 4: The Animation for North American release, just announced a few more acquisitions, including the dating sim-based comedy The World God Only Knows.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a pretty alright anime based around a boy who knows everything (absolutely everything) about dating sims and dating sim characters who is tasked with freeing demons from the hearts of various girls by romancing them with his dating sim skills.

It’s a good comedy anime, not one of the best ones to come out lately (wink, wink, Nichijou), but it’s very entertaining if you’re familiar with dating sims and their archetypes. There are also some clever videogame references scattered throughout it. The show suffered from a lot of pacing issues (a good amount of the arcs are one or two episodes longer than they really need to be), but it was entertaining despite that. It’ll be worth watching when Sentai brings it over.


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