Five Predictions for the Next Pokemon GO Community Day - September 2021

By Sam Woods

August 15, 2021

Pokemon GO’s second-ever Eevee Community Day is well and truly underway, with two days to catch and evolve as many of the Pokemon as possible.

Following August’s Community Day, all eyes will then move onto September, with players questioning which Pokemon will be stepping into the spotlight.

So far, September has hosted Chikorita, Turtwig and last year, after a public vote, Porygon.

Now, looking ahead to this year, I’m going to do what I do best and give predictions for the September 2021 Community Day featured Pokemon.

Pokémon GO 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Pokémon GO 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!


Here’s your monthly dose of me suggesting that Axew is going to be the next Community Day featured Pokemon, just so when it happens, I can say I was right…

Remaining true to form, these are the reasons that I think it will happen one day, hopefully next month:

  • It looks great in both its Shiny and Non-Shiny forms
  • Rare and will help people to fill their ‘Dex
  • Will shake-up the meta


Seeing as Niantic is now in the business of repeating Community Days, it seems like Larvitar is a prime candidate for a reintroduction.

While a large portion of the Pokemon GO community now has a Shiny Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar, it would still be a popular choice.

The original Larvitar Community Day propelled Tyranitar to new heights in the meta, however, a lot of time has passed since then and it’s now just not a viable Pokemon.

Giving it another solid Rock-type move or even a strong Dark-type charged move would make things very interesting.


Another Pokemon that I’ve previously mentioned is Drilbur.

The Ground/Steel-type Pokemon ticks some of the similar boxes to the likes of Axew, even if it’s not quite as exciting.

Its main draws are the fact that it has the ability to really crack the Master League meta with another strong move, and it’s yet to have its Shiny Form released.

I for one wouldn’t be disappointed with Drilbur Community Day.


This one is a fairly safe choice.

Seeing as Tepig featured a couple of months back, and Snivy a couple of months before that, an Oshawott Community Day seems like a big possibility for September 2021.


Seeing as Niantic has sprung an almighty surprise on players, introducing some Pokemon from Sword and Shield before many other Pokemon (and even Generations in the case of Sun and Moon) have yet to appear, it wouldn’t surprise me if we got a special Community Day.

For me, the prime candidate here is Wooloo.

It’s likely Niantic will hold the Starter Pokemon back for future Community Days and therefore, Wooloo is the most logical choice.

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