Serial Cleaner Gets New Trailer Rervealing the Game’s Story And Challenge Mode

Serial Cleaner Gets New Trailer Rervealing the Game’s Story And Challenge Mode

Serial Cleaner, a fast paced stealth game about cleaning up crime scenes, gets a brand new trailer revealing major details involving the game's story and challenge modes.

Developer iFun4all’s new game Serial Cleaner got a brand new trailer revealing the game’s story and challenge modes.

Serial Cleaner puts players in the role of a professional cleaner. You’re essentially someone who cleans up crime scenes for criminals like the mafia and a more particular “mysterious client” that will change the protagonist’s life. Your goals will include disposing of bodies, cleaning up blood, and getting rid of evidence.

The game takes place in the 1970’s. This era just so happens to be infamous for its wide array of killers, cults, mass murderers, etc. Oh, and also the music.  One developer featured in the trailer even described it as “the perfect decade for serial killers.”

While you clean up crime scenes, cops will be roaming about each of the game’s levels. Design takes a lot of inspiration from over-the-top, fast-paced, trial-and-error games. While many games that fall into this genre are typically shooters, Serial Cleaner focuses more on stealth. The whole idea is lose-fast/reload-fast, akin to titles like Hotline Miami. 

Some of the game’s challenge modes include a black and white mode, a drunk mode, and a super hardcore mode. Each challenge mode will distort the gameplay in some way.

You can check out the new trailer down below. Serial Cleaner is available now in Early Access on PC and is coming out this Summer to PC, Xbox One, and PS4.