Serial Cleaner Set to Launch This Summer; Now Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Serial Cleaner Set to Launch This Summer; Now Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Today, developer iFun4all announced that its 1970’s story-driven, fast-paced stealth/action game, Serial Cleaner, is set leave Steam Early Access sometime this summer and launch for PC. Additionally, the developer also announced it has teamed up with publisher Curve Digital to bring the game, also this summer, to PS4 and Xbox One.

For those that don’t know, Serial Cleaner has a simple premise: you’re a professional cleaner, who’s tasked with taking care of the mess left after Mafia shootouts, and other gruesome killings. You’re like a janitor who’s job is to remove the evidence from the scene, including the bodies, murder weapons, and blood, that way nobody can connect the crime to your clients.

As you would expect with a crime scene, the police force will be present as you navigate your way through it and clean up, but luckily, as the developer puts it, “this is the 1970s, and most cops aren’t too motivated and won’t pursue you to the ends of the Earth. However, a single mistake can lead to your arrest and questioning, putting a black mark on your career.

According to Krzysztof Zięb, writer and designer of the game, the idea of Serial Cleaner came from dynamic, lose-fast/reload-fast games that demand that you retry a level several times to learn how enemies react, and figure out which zones of the map are safest. Each time you are caught, the level restarts, but elements of it will get randomized, ensuring that you can’t just power you way through levels via pure muscle memory.

The Cleaner, the protagonist you play as, is said to be resourceful and have years of experience under his belt, with a trademark “Cleaner Sense” that allows to you to have a look at each location from a bird’s eye view, and figure out how best to proceed. According to Zięb, the game is tough, but fair, and can be played more meticulously or with pure improvisation.

As for the story, Serial Cleaner is said to contain “a fleshed-out story campaign that takes you inside the 1970s, a decade of funky music, disco dancing, outta-sight clothes… and serial killers.” You will play as the Cleaner as he takes missions from the mafia and a new, mysterious Client, whose influence will put our anti-hero in harm’s way. Along the way, you will learn new tricks and escape new enemy types that are gradually added into the mix. According to Zięb, the game will change as it modifies your experience based on real-world data, but how exactly it will do this, is a bit fuzzy.

Lastly, Serial Cleaner is said to have many Challenge Modes that will allow you to see “if you can beat your friends’ score while playing under a different set of rules.”

Serial Cleaner is currently $9.99 USD via Steam Early Access. Below, you can check out its new trailer, as well as some of the game’s screenshots: