Serious Sam 4 Delayed, Launches September 24

Serious Sam 4 Delayed, Launches September 24

Serious Sam 4 fans will have to wait just a little bit longer to get their hands-on Croteam's latest. The game has been pushed to a September 24 release.

Croteam’s Serious Sam 4 was originally set to launch this month. Unfortunately for Sam fans, the game has had a delay. Thankfully, it’s just a slight one. You’ll only have to wait until September 24 to start murdering legions of monsters. Check out the release date trailer below.

If you’ve never played a Serious Sam game before, 4 is as good a jumping-on point as any. This iteration is a prequel to the original games and takes the destruction to another level. The Serious Sam games are all about getting a ton of enemies on screen and then exploding them with an over-the-top arsenal of weapons. SS4 seeks to provide you with thousands of baddies in its quest to give you the most high-octane gameplay in franchise history.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all on your own. SS4 supports 4-player online co-op, letting you rip through the hordes with your buds. Of course, putting all those enemies on the screen, especially in multiplayer, is going to come with some restrictions.

I wouldn’t call Serious Sam 4 ugly, but those environments do look noticeably flat. And, that’s not a dig at Croteam. You have to make concessions somewhere. Personally, I’ll take some rough-looking terrain every day of the week if it means that horde gets even bigger. That’s what Serious Sam is about, after all.

Serious Sam 4 launches on PC and Stadia on September 24. That Stadia deal pushes the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One versions back to 2021. No word yet on next-gen consoles, but it wouldn’t surprise if the SS4 shows up there sometime next year.