Serious Sam HD Gets Delayed

on February 11, 2010 12:49 PM

Everyone’s favorite Duke Nukem lookalike – Serious Sam – is going to be getting the delay treatment, according to Big Download. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter will be slightly pushed back to April on the PC version. Although there hasn’t been much word of a “delay” for the 360 port, I’m under the impression that it too will see the light of day sometime in April. The great news, however, is that the deathmatch and dedicated servers updates for the first game is slated to release on Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter as well.

Screenshots have unveiled that the game looks pretty appealing. And if it’s exactly like the first one, we can expect a pretty hefty size of fun-factor. ¬†With Sam cracking away at explicit jokes, and a supped-up facade, there’s no way that we won’t experience a nice plate of nostalgic greatness. As long as a game comes out great, I’m all for delays. However, delays aren’t always the greatest of things; look at what happened to Haze. Ugh. [trembles]

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