Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter Gets Free DLC

Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter Gets Free DLC


Some totally free content has launched for fans of the Serious Sam series yesterday, as developer Croteam updated both the Steam and XBLA versions of The Second Encounter with the Serious Sam HD Fusion DLC Pack, which performs the seemingly simple task of bringing all the campaign and multiplayer maps from the first Serious Sam HD into the second. This has some added bonuses, such as being able to play Second Encounter-specific game modes on classic maps. Of course, this content is only free if you’ve actually purchased the original Serious Sam HD; don’t go thinking your copy of number two has magically updated to include a game you don’t own.

“What’s the deal with giving stuff away for free,” said Fork Parker, Chief Financial Officer at Devolver Digital, Serious Sam HD publisher. “If the video game industry has taught me anything it’s that you milk these games for all their worth. Freaking amateurs.”

“Serious Sam 3 better be priced at over $400 or we might as well close up shop,” replied Fork when asked for further comment.

Ha, that’s our Croteam, am I right, guys?