Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Screenshots

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Screenshots

Serious Sam is back; and if these new screenshots are any indication this time it’s serious (sorry couldn’t help myself). For those of you who have no idea who or what Serious Sam is I’d be more than happy to fill you in. The series is essentially 1 part futuristic first person shooter, 1 part time traveling epic, and 1 part a whole lot of fun. The main protagonist does look like Duke Nukem on a surfboard, but a bit more bad ass than Mr. Nukem. Serious Sam HD, will be a reboot if you will of the original title The First Encounter from 2001. Previous iterations of the series have been released for pretty much every machine under the sun: Xbox. PS2, Gamecube, even Xbox Live Arcade just to name a few. So you might want to get your feet wet with the originals as we all wait for this HD remix.

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  1. lady gigi says:

    I never even heard of serious sam. seems like you can blow up a lot of things. good times awaits.