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Pokemon GO: Serperior - How to Get, Best Moveset, Max CP and Meta Relevance

Here's the info you'll need on Serperior.

April 11, 2021

Today, players all over the world are participating in the fourth Pokemon GO Community Day of the year.

So far, we’ve had Machop, Roselia and Fletchling and now, it’s the turn of the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy.

As with all Community Day Pokemon, trainers should encounter Shiny Snivy at a much, much higher rate, plus, any Servine that’s evolved into a Serperior during the event window will learn a special Community Day Move.

With that, let’s take a look at Serperior, its Best Moveset, Max CP and its relevance in the Pokemon GO meta.

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How to get Serperior in Pokemon GO?

This one is easy enough, especially with today’s ongoing Community Day.

Players can get their hands on Serperior in Pokemon GO by evolving Snivy into Servine (25 candies) and then Servine into Serperior (100 candies)

What is the best moveset for Serperior?

Ultimately, in terms of charge moves, you’re absolutely going to want to take Serperior’s Community Day move, Frenzy Plant.

This move has played a big part in the meta, with the likes of Venusaur and Meganium receiving it during their Community Days, and Serperior is no different.

In terms of its fast move, you’re definitely going to want Vine Whip, over Iron Tail.

For me, you’re going to want Aerial Ace as the second charge move. While it’s not the most powerful move in the game – it does give Serperior an advantage over other Grass-type Pokemon, as well as coverage against Bug and Fighting-types.

That said, Leaf Tornado is another strong option here – offering players the opportunity to lower the opposing Pokemon’s attack.

Best Moveset:

  • Vine Whip
  • Aerial Ace
  • Frenzy Plant

Serperior Max CP

At level 40, Serperior has a Max CP of 2277, however, powered up with XL Candies, Serperior’s Max CP gets a nice boost to 2574.

How relevant will Serperior be in the PVP Meta with its new best moveset?

Not hugely.

In the Great League, Serperior now comes in at the 6th or 7th most powerful Grass-type Pokemon according to PVPoke.

This is an improvement, but likes of Venusaur and Meganium still rule the roost here.

Serperior that have been levelled up with XL Candies make a little bit more of a splash in the Ultra League, however, still fall prey to the Pokemon listed above, plus the likes of Abomasnow and Shiftry.

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