Sesame Street TV Coming To Life On Xbox Kinect

on January 9, 2012 11:08 PM

Sesame Street TV is taking Kinect to new heights. Current Sesame Street episodes are going to be made interactive and the actions you take can influence a particular scene. Still with me?

At Microsoft’s CES press conference, Sesame Street TV was demoed on Kinect and really showed off what Kinect can do with interactive education. During the live demonstration, Grover was throwing coconuts and counting them as they were being thrown, emblematic of how Sesame Street educates but he was actively responding to viewer input; as if he was in direct contact with the little girl who was participating. With this kind of technology, children will no longer just be watching Sesame Street; they will become a part of it, essentially blurring and connecting the lines between TV and games.

Sesame Street TV Coming To Life On Xbox Kinect

Elmo’s World was also present at the show as the little girl took part in a mini Kinect game, further establishing the potential of this new software and what it can do for kids and their involvement in interactive education. The future looks fairly bright for Kinect and we can only imagine for what other TV shows this can be implemented with. CSI? Fringe? One could only hope.

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