Session Gets New Update Today; Physics, Caspers, VX1000 and More

Session Gets New Update Today; Physics, Caspers, VX1000 and More

Darkslides, board damage, sun control, and more are also introduced to the game.

Update: Shortly after publishing this post, Session not only got the new trailer that you can find below, but the update is now officially available.

Session is finally being updated to the version which brings a welcomed plethora of content to the game that is still in early access. The new content includes new skaters, new sliders for numerous options, camera filters, a skate shop, and more. However, it’s worth noting the update is actually – it was to be 6 but it seems as if the studio has skipped a number.

The new update has been teased in the game’s official Discord through a video from JL Nightmare, otherwise known as Jesse Lacroix. He’s also one of the new skaters added to the game alongside Daewon Song. The video shows him playing the updated version of the game early in preparation for its public launch.

And while most things that are shown have been teased on the studio’s Twitter, there are new elements we haven’t been told about, such as Primos, Caspers, and stats menus.

The new update for Session is perhaps one of the biggest content updates from developer creā-ture Studios. One of the first things to note is that the game will now have an in-game shop that will allow players to browse from a larger range of cosmetics. This includes shoes, clothing, decks, wheels, trucks, and even skate park items.

While players will still be able to customize their character and skateboards at the apartment, the skate shop will allow players to buy the items in the shop through in-game funds that can be earned by completing tasks for NPCs in the world.

The new update also introduces numerous advanced settings such as increasing how much pop you can put into an ollie, the gravity of the world, the strength of your push, body rotation rate, and more. Trucks can also be tightened and come with the potential to get wheel bite. Essentially, the level of customisation available for different board sizes, wheel sizes, truck settings, all come into play to create a more realistic experience.

Skateboards will now also show signs of wear and tear as performing tricks and grinds will now cause damage to not only the deck but also the grip tape as the update also introduces the ability to perform a darkslide. You can do more flip orientated tricks as well with the addition of being able to perform Caspers and Primos, which takes the street skating enjoyment to another level.

talking of darkslides, the game has always had a day-to-night cycle with the ability to set the settings manually. However, the update now allows you to choose from 20 different sun angles to pick from each hour. And for those who want to get tricky at night, while the usual lighting gear can be placed, the camera in recordings now has a light.

The gameplay camera itself will also see more options available, including fisheye, distance sliders, and a camera filter to mimic the skateboarders favourite retro camera, the Sony VX1000.

Session is currently available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. The update is going to be available for both platforms at some point today.

Featured Image Credit: JL Nightmare