Seth Killian and Omar Kendall Take You Through Some Raiden Gameplay in PS All-Stars

Snake? SNAKE?!?! SNAAAAA–Oh, it’s just you. To accompany evil Cole Mcgrath at PAX Prime, Superbot entertainment also officially announced Metal Gear Rising Revengeance protagonist, Raiden. As a way to give those of us not fortunate enough to attend the event a way to see the ninja in action, Game Director Omar Kendall and Lead Game Designer / fighting game icon Seth Killian sat down with Gamespot to give us an eight minute walkthrough of Raiden’s gameplay.

As another action character, Raiden features a lot of juggling options similar to Kratos or Dante. Unlike the other two, who have access to a plethora of tools, Raiden utilizes only his katana. Luckily, Raiden’s exceptionally trained, and can use his katana both as an extension of his arms and his legs. Featuring a sort of flowing combo system that utilizes his square and triangle attacks interchangeably, Raiden will cut any enemy down to size.

The real point of interest though is his dive attacks. Featuring forward, diagonal, and dive-bomb dash attacks, Raiden is said to be safe while moving. While his gameplay may not be suited for free-for-alls, Raiden’s move set may prove to be hard to punish in one-on-one matches. I don’t think that a team with four notable fighting game players would have made him completely safe though, Raiden seems to have a bit of a slow startup to his moves (a feature that is common amongst his action game brethren).

There’s only one way to find out, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale will hit shelves on november 20th; anyone who purchases the game will get a digital copy for their PS Vita completely free of charge. You can view the gameplay video below.

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