Community Manager Seth Killian Departs From Capcom

on June 19, 2012 6:31 PM

Community Manager Seth Killian announced today on the Capcom-unity blog that he will be departing Capcom at the end of the week to “pursue a new path”. The face of the fighting game genre’s revival and Evo Tournament Series Co-Founder, Killian acted as a liason between Capcom’s developers and the steadily growing fighting game community. After joining Capcom in 2006, Killian helped promote and publicize Street Fighter IV, igniting a community interest in the genre that had lacked significant new adopter numbers for nearly half a decade.

I have chosen a new path which will let me embrace a new dream, but to everyone that ever believed in this dream we shared together, let me say this final thanks. I will leave as I began–a Capcom fan for life, looking forward to all the great games still to come.

The full post can be found on his blog over at Capcom-Unity. As someone who had lost interest in the fighting game genre after Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Killian’s efforts rekindled an interest in fighting games that hadn’t existed in me for a while. His approach to fostering community discussion, garnering feedback, and lending a hand as both an employee and a fan played a large part in deciding my academic path as well. Wherever his new path takes him, I hope Mr. Killian the best.

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