Seth Killian Joins Sony Santa Monica, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Sony Santa Monica today announced via their blog that their new lead design hire is none other than former Capcom Community Manager and Evolution Championship Series co-founder Seth Killian. To sweeten the deal, Killian was confirmed to be working alongside the development team behind the currently lackluster Sony PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

While working at Capcom, Killian’s community outreach was the driving force behind the fighting game revival that swept the nation, starting with Street Fighter IV. His style of fostering discussion and bringing on knowledgeable, highly renowned members of the community to bolster a game’s experience and ambiance is something of legend. His actions always hammered in the idea that the culture of gaming was his top priority, and that the money would follow if Capcom just acted in good faith.

This is a big move on Sony’s part; just barely a week after Nintendo announced that Namco would be developing the next Smash title, it’s absolutely breathtaking to see that Sony will be attempting to appeal to the competitive community of their platform as well. Granted, that’s no small amount of speculation on my part, but you don’t bring someone with that big and loved a persona on if you don’t want his or her insight as well.

As admittedly premature as this is, my hopes for All-Stars­ have suddenly risen. That is to say they have suddenly appeared. The addition of Mr. Killian will appeal to a much-needed facet of gamers that All-Stars has currently managed to miss entirely.

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Paul LaCen

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