Seven Best Killers from Dead by Daylight

Not many Survivors can compete against these fearsome Killers.

October 16, 2021

There are many gruesome, terrifying games out there to play during the home run to Halloween, but none bring the brilliant streak of white to your hair quite like Dead by Daylight does.

The asymmetric survival horror from Behaviour Interactive keeps gameplay fresh by introducing new Killers and Survivors regularly. With a lot of Killers inspired by characters from horror films, Dead by Daylight has a roster full of rich hunters with unique abilities and we highlight seven of the best Killers from the game.

Dead by Daylight | Fine Dining Collection Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Fine Dining Collection Trailer

The Huntress

In addition to her abilities that allow the Killer to implement difficult skill checks for Survivors, The Huntress also has a long-ranged throwing axe to negotiate with. This Killer usually resides in a lot of players’ top-tier hunters list and she’s normally a lot of fun to control. The Huntress also has an impressive terror radius, where she sings a lullaby to detect how close a nearby Survivor is – a rather pleasing mechanic for horror fans.

The Doctor

When checking this Killer’s attack statistics, The Doctor appears rather weak in comparison to the other hunters in this rogues’ gallery. What The Doctor does rely on though is his treatment mode and Shock Therapy, which is usually Survivors’ downfall when faced against this adversary. It’s certainly not a hard task to increase Survivors’ Madness when you sport a nightmarish face like The Doctor’s, and as the Madness level increases, the easier a Survivor is to locate. Survivors will also have to pass a skill check the higher their Madness gets, and if they fail, The Doctor is alerted.

The Spirit

This Killer is one that usually divides players, however, its Yamaoka Haunting ability can be extremely advantageous. Hunting in line with her essence, The Spirit’s ability allows her to turn invisible whilst hunting Survivors. The only downside is Survivors disappear whilst using this ability, where they can only be tracked by their screams and/or scratch marks. However, if you do succeed in locating Survivors using this ability, the jump scare you inflict is priceless.

The Hillbilly

Inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hillbilly is nearly impossible to recover from if you are caught. The Killer’s tools make him one of the best foes to pilot, supplying a deadly strike in his chainsaw state that forces any Survivor into a dying state. The Hillbilly’s chainsaw charge also allows him to sprint rather quickly across the map, which also increases his terrifying stature.

The Hag

In addition to The Spirit, The Hag also has a tendency to induce heart-stopping jump scares for Survivors. In order to benefit from The Hag’s full potential, a good grasp of the map you’re playing on, as well as where locations of interest are placed, are key to controlling this killer. The Hag can lay up to 10 traps on the field, and once a Survivor triggers one, The Hag can then teleport to it immediately and deal the final blow.

The Blight

Hunting Survivors is an easy game when you are an experienced Blight player – a Killer who is a major threat on the map if player’s know how to use it. In addition to its Blood Favor and Undying perks, The Blight’s, Dragon’s Grip, forces a Survivor to scream whilst repairing a generator for the next 30 seconds. Furthermore, The Blight’s primary advantage is its Rush ability, allowing the Killer to cross maps with speed and launch an attack on Survivors whilst vaulting off of nearby objects. 

The Nurse

The Nurse’s performance in Dead by Daylight is enough to give the band of nurses in Silent Hill and run for their money. In addition to her three, powerful abilities – Nurse’s Calling that allows The Nurse to see healing Survivors, Thanatophobia which ambushes a player’s sabotage, healing, and repair skills, and Stridor to increase the sound of Survivors’ breathing – The Nurse can also teleport long distances and through obstacles.

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