Severe 3DS Price Drop Prompts Severe Japanese 3DS Sales Drop

on August 3, 2011 7:00 PM

Nintendo stepped on more than a few toes when they announced the massive forthcoming price drop for their new Nintendo 3DS console. Those toes mostly belonged to people who dropped the astonishing $250 to get their hands on the little bugger just a few months earlier. While some undefined “Ambassador program” will attempt to make amends for the umbrage eventually, the announcement of the price drop has brought Japanese 3DS sales to a screeching halt.

In the week of the announcement, 3DS hardware sales fell from the number one spot to a much more modest number four position. In terms of units, the sales plummeted nearly fifty percent from 31,826 units to 16,415. This was obviously to be expected though. Anyone who can’t wait until August 11th to save a whopping $80 on the price of the 3DS is just in too big of a hurry. Hit the break for the last week’s full Japanese hardware sales chart (prior week’s sales are in parenthesis).

1. PSP: 36,659 (26,854)
2. PS3: 20,704 (23,343)
3. Wii: 18,232 (17,114)
4. 3DS: 16,415 (31,826)
5. DSi LL: 5,267 (5,258)
6. DSi: 4,625 (4,921)
7. X360: 1,616 (1,546)
8. PS2: 1,594 (1,475)
9. DS Lite: 138 (155)
10. PSP go: 7 (14)


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