Severed Will Slice the PlayStation Vita Competition Next Spring

on December 7, 2014 2:40 PM

Back in April I reported that DrinkBox Studios’ was open to bringing Severed to other consoles that support gestures. Now it looks like they are making good on that statement for Severed is coming to PS Vita.

Graham Smith, COO of DrinkBox Studios, is pleased about the decision to bring the game to the PlayStation console,

The Vita is really a great fit for Severed as the game feels very natural there, taking full advantage of both the D-pad and multi touch screen. We can’t wait for Vita owners to try it out!

In Severed, players control of a one-armed heroine wielding a living sword. Players will use touch based mechanics to employ offensive and defensive techniques against a variety of enemies.

Some of features coming to the PS Vita version are:

  • Dungeon Combat – Use touch-based combat mechanics with offensive & defensive techniques against a variety of enemies
  • Style – An RPG-light adventure giving players autonomy over upgrade paths
  • Abilities – Gain abilities from Totems—magic armor created from the remains of defeated bosses
  • Severing – Force enemies into vulnerable states, then sever their body parts to upgrade equipment and abilities
  • Exploration – Choose how to progress through branching routes as you avoid hazards and solve puzzles
  • Music – Original soundtrack from Juno-nominated band YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN and the renowned Pantayo

The game will release next Spring.

To celebrate DrinkBox Studios’ announcement, a trailer and several screenshots were released.

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