Sexy Poker Launch Trailer

Sexy Poker Launch Trailer

I had no idea this was even being made for the Wii, but here is the launch trailer for Sexy Poker. It is exactly as it sounds, a cheesy strip card game for the Wiiware. I wonder if Nintendo folks think they will get a more mature audience with this title? I think this will only attract adolescent kids that are looking to see their first side boob. I am curious to see what peripherals are developed with this game, perhaps a new motion sensing technology??

Will you be picking up Sexy Poker? Don’t lie.

So many Wii jokes come to mind, feel free to put them in the comments.

One response to “Sexy Poker Launch Trailer”

  1. jennyfromtheblock says:

    seriously is this a real game? is this being sold in the US? is this Nintendo’s attempt to get some adult gamers. I don’t get it. most wii owners are children and girls, and i dont see them running to the local gamestop to purchase sexy poker. ok, some adult owners have the wii but its mostly for entertainment, when the crowd is over, you are drunk, you need to do something. run, go get the wii. its either wii or pot. lets go with the wii, its legal. my friend, this game is sad, real sad. regarding graphics, it actually looks like something i can pick up at a 99c store.