SFV Patch Notes February 2021 - Season 5 Content Going Live Soon

Recently announced characters and content for Street Fighter 5 will be available in the game soon.

In the most recent stream of Street Fighter 5, the developers revealed big content coming to the game in Season 5. Capcom is currently implementing the promised changes and features to the game in the ongoing server maintenance, and here we have gathered you all the upcoming adjustments with this new title update. Take a look at SFV patch notes:

SFV Patch Notes – Title Update February 22, 2021

Playable Character

  • Dan


  • Eleven (Bonus content available to those who purchase the Season 5 Premium Pass/Character Pass.)


  • The Grid Alternative (free)


  • The Grid 4 (free)


  • Additional costume “Story”: Dan
  • Additional Costume “Battle Outfit 1”: Dan
  • Additional Costume “Nostalgia”: Dan
  • Additional Costume “Ad Style”: Dan (free)
  • Additional Costume “Track Suit”: Dan (free)
  • Additional Costume “Sporty”: Ed
  • Additional Costume “Sporty”: Menat
  • Additional Costume “Sporty”: Lucia
  • Additional Costume “Killer Bee”: Cammy

Battle Adjustments

  • New V-Shift System Added (MK+HP with no directional input): V-Shift is a defensive mechanic that consumes one stock of V-Gauge to parry an attack and distance yourself from the opponent. By pressing MK+HP again (or continue to hold the input) during the action after a successful parry, you can perform a counterattack known as a V-Shift Break. A V-Shift can be performed at any time as long as the character is on the ground and able to move freely.
  • Combo Count Display: Henceforth “combo count” will be divided into three types: “combo-count start value”, “combo count gain”, and “combo count limit”.
  • Adjustments to Anti-Air Properties of Grounded Normal Attacks: Many jumping attacks have hurtboxes positioned lower than their hitboxes. Grounded attacks have high hitboxes, meaning that they have anti-air properties against jumping attacks, even if they land from the front or the side. Light attacks, with their quick motions, and some characters’ Crouching medium punches proved to be effective anti-airs with their quick start-up and plus-on-block properties. This made dealing with certain characters a problem, affecting game balance in ways not originally intended.
  • Special Counterable States from Some Anti-Airs: Characters who have moves or wall jumps that can change their mid-air trajectory will now enter a special counterable state between the start of the motion and when they land while performing certain moves.
  • In-Place/Back Recovery: Back recovery now produces a smoke effect immediately after the motion starts. In-place recovery and back recovery now each use different voice samples.
  • Initial Combo-Scaling of Throws: Starting a combo with throws will now apply one move’s worth of scaling to the combo. This will also apply to some characters’ command throws and throws that cause stun. Scaling for throws used in the middle of combos has not been changed.

Other (PS4 version/Network Match only)

  • Altered animation for background objects in the stages below
    to reduce processing load during battle.
  • Bustling Side Street
  • Forgotten Waterfall
  • Underground Arena

The server maintenance is expected to end at 12 pm PST, and then the new Season’s content will be available for players across all platforms. Aside from Dan, this season features other playable characters as well that are yet to be added to the game. Below, you can have a look at Season 5’s content:

Street Fighter 5 is now available on PS4, PC, and Arcade.

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