Shadow Mewtwo is Broken in Bandai Namco’s Pokken Tournament

Shadow Mewtwo is Broken in Bandai Namco’s Pokken Tournament

“Broken” has become a loaded term in the gaming community — often used, but rarely accurate. However, according to a popular video and discussions floating around Pokken Tournament message boards, Shadow Mewtwo is exactly that — broken — given a notable block-stun problem.

First highlighted a couple of days ago by Twitter user @hir0yuk1, Shadow Mewtwo has an unstoppable one-two combo triggered when the opposing player blocks Shadow Mewtwo’s backwards-Y range attack. Because they blocked, the opposing player is temporarily stunned and can’t attack. Meanwhile, Shadow Mewtwo’s Miracle Eye move (back and A) is quicker than the cooldown for the stun-block. The result? An infinite loop of moves where the opposing player can’t escape blocking.

Explained more fully in YouTuber shofu’s video (below), this won’t automatically kill the opponent — it will, however, get them to 1 HP. Additionally, using Shadow Mewtwo’s Miracle Eye move reduces his own health, eventually down to 1 HP. The results in two possible scenarios:

  1. At the end of the match, the player with the highest percentage of HP is deemed the winner. Shadow Mewtwo, who has the lowest maximum HP of all the characters, will therefore always have the highest percentage if both characters are tied at 1 HP. This means a win for Shadow Mewtwo.
  2. Using a support character like Eevee can allow Shadow Mewtwo to run away at the end and boost his HP slightly, netting him some cushion to sustain an attack without dying.

While there are more than enough unbeatable combos in the fighting community, this is one that is able to be executed incredibly easily with merely two button presses. While there is no word how this will be fixed or if it will be fixed, an easy remedy would be simply allowing Shadow Mewtwo to deplete their own health to death using Miracle Eye and substantially increasing their own recoil damage.

Either way, check out shofu’s video below illustrating and explaining the move: