Shadow Of The Colossus Creator Fumito Ueda Gave Sony a List of Changes He Wants for the PS4 Remake

Fumito Ueda offered Sony a list of changes he thinks should be implemented into the upcoming PS4 remake of his game Shadow of the Colossus.

During its E3 2017 presser earlier this month, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the return of Shadow of the Colossus via a remake of the PS2 classic that captivated gamers back in 2005.

In development by Bluepoint Games — the team who recently gave us the Gravity Rush PS4 remaster and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection — Shadow of the Colossus, as described by Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, is a remake of the classic PS2 game, with every asset being remade, but the content remaining the same.

That being said, director on the orignal Shadow of the Colossus, the legendary Fumito Ueda, will not be involved, at least not substantially. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean Ueda-san doesn’t have ideas and suggestions on how the remake should be handled — he does — and he has provided his list of suggestions to Sony apparently.

Speaking to Eurogamer via a translator, Ueda-san the following:

 “I transmitted my petition about the content and tuning but I don’t know the implementation will be what I told.”

Ueda-san’s translator clarifies:

“It’s he who wants to change something, but he doesn’t know if it is possible to change all of the things he [wants] to change.”

The director continued:

“Those things of the remake that I would like to change, I can’t mention, because if I say one thing and in the final version that thing is not included, it’s a problem.”

Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 is set to release sometime in 2018 at an unknown price-point.

Tyler Fischer

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