Shadow of War Receives New Trailer Showing Off Nemesis Forge System; Allows You to Bring Over Orcs From the First Game

If you played Shadow of Mordor, then you'll be able to carry over some of your most loyal followers and hated enemies into Shadow of War.

July 6, 2017

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new video for its upcoming sequel Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. This trailer showcases a new system called Nemesis Forge which will greatly benefit those who played the first game: Shadow of Mordor.

Essentially, the Nemesis Forge system allows players who played Shadow of Mordor to bring over one of their most hated enemies and one of their most trusted followers into the expansive world of Shadow of War. A new update has now been released for Shadow of Mordor that identifies which orcs are you biggest rivals as well as those that are the most loyal to you. Upon the release of Shadow of War in October, you’ll then be able to import those same characters into the sequel so that their stories will continue.


If you still haven’t played Shadow of Mordor and would like to take advantage of the Nemesis Forge in Shadow of War for yourself, then you’re in luck as the first game is currently almost 80% off on all platforms. Additionally, those on Xbox and PC can check out Shadow of Mordor for free from now until July 9.

If you want to watch the new video that released today showing off the new Nemesis Forge feature in detail, then you can find it below. In addition, be sure to check out our hands-on preview of Shadow of War as we were able to play over 90 minutes of the sequel at E3 2017. Shadow of War releases this fall on October 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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