Shadow Warrior 3 Continues the Series' Tradition of Fast-Paced Gameplay and Over-the-top Hijinks

Latest Shadow Warrior 3 trailer gives fans a good, hard look at Wang in action.

Today, Devolver Digital dropped a 17-minute Shadow Warrior 3 playthrough, showing off the game’s combat and movement. Like the past two games, it is a joyous explosion of blood and guts as Lo Wang eviscerates every demon in his sight. The combat is fast and frantic, but players have more than enough tools at their disposal to cause some real mayhem. Give the trailer a watch below.

As you can see, Shadow Warrior 3 takes the series’ combat to the next level. As Wang, players have plenty of ways to blast demons to bits. Whether you’re slicing-and-dicing with your sword, pumping baddies full of lead with your gun arsenal, or tossing enemies off a cliff with your grappling hook, Shadow Warrior 3 makes everything look great. Wang even has access to several special powers that let him do things like freezing the demons or force-pushing them into spikes. Plus, the dude can slide for a country mile, which looks hilarious and effective.

The real showpiece though is the environmental kills. We see a few in the trailer, but the best comes at the end. Wang’s in a combat arena that just happens to have gigantic spinning buzzsaws in the middle. It looks like something out of a Battlebots arena. Wang can flip a switch to send the saws one way or the next and demolish anything in their path. It ends in a massive explosion as Wang shoots the saws off their tracks and kills everything in the area.

The only thing that doesn’t seem great about the trailer is Wang’s over-the-top accent. Personally, I’ve always thought Wang’s bad one-liners were kind of amusing in the same way old action movies are. However, knowing his voice actor is a white dude, has always made it feel awkward. Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed here.

That said, the game’s combat looks incredible. Obviously, I’ll have to get hands-on to know for sure. However, Shadow Warrior 3 seems like it will be what Doom Eternal wasn’t for me. I won’t have to switch guns and play a weird puzzle game in the middle of combat, I can just go. I’ll be intrigued to see if the game can live up to everything it’s showing here.

Shadow Warrior 3 drops in 2021 for PC and presumably next-gen consoles.

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