Shadow Warrior Developer Flying Wild Hog Acquired by Newly Formed Supernova Capital LLP

Splash Damage's Founder has created a new company, Supernove Capital LLC, and has acquired Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog.

By Tomas Franzese

March 14, 2019

Ahead of next week’s GDC, we have learned about the latest acquisition in the gaming industry. This time, it doesn’t involve THQ Nordic. Instead, Paul Wedgwood, Co-Founder of Dirty Bomb developer Splash Damage, announced that has formed a new firm called Supernova Capital LLP and has acquired Flying Wild Hog, a Polish developer you probably know for their work on the Shadow Warrior series.

According the Paul Wedgwood, Supernova Capital LLP’s main focus is fighting the “significant amount of stress and pressure” founders and CEOs of developers face as their studio gets older and older. Wedgwood has been working on setting this venture up since 2017, when he sold Splash Damage to Leyou for $160 million.

“We designed Supernova to reignite the passion in struggling star developers by simply caring for them; reducing confusion, decreasing politics, raising productivity, profitability, and dramatically improving morale – essentially fusing their talents with Supernova’s proven leadership, so that together, we can create the happiest and healthiest and most profitable studios in our solar system,” Pual said. Apparently, the first “struggling star developer” Supernova Capital LLP decided to target was Flying Wild Hog.

Flying Wild Hog is actually bigger than you think as it is home to 180 developers in Rzeszów, Poland. Still, CEO Michał Szustak made it clear that he didn’t take this acquisition decision lightly and stated that he ultimately thinks it will help the studio. “We don’t chase every opportunity. We are looking only for partnerships that ensure further growth and help to realize our ambitions,” he commented. “With Supernova, it feels like we have reconnected with our older, more experienced siblings. They share the same values as us – passion for players, employee happiness, and boundary-pushing creativity.

Ultimately, Szustak sees that this deal will allow Flying Wild Hog to just focus on “making awesome games,” while not radically changing studio culture in the process. No games were directly announced alongside this acquisition, though Flying Wild Hog does promise that “we’ve got some exciting new game announcements to share with you soon.” DualShockers will let you know once the pair reveals exactly what those games are.

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