Shadowrun Online Early Access Available on Steam

Shadowrun Online Early Access Available on Steam

Street Samurais are back! The popular cyberpunk RPG is now online in Shadowrun Online available through Steam Early Access.

What players will actually get in this Early Access is a small prequel to main campaign to get a general feel of what the actual campaign will be like.

Some of the other features include:

  • Class-Free Character Creation: Create your own Shadowrunner and skill any way you want, with a ton of visual customization options.
  • Items: Weapons, armour and cyberware, magic talismans and cyberdecks: Loot them, buy them or upgrade existing items. Our item system separates the visual aspects from the item ability, so no need to wear a silly hat just for the bonus it grants!
  • Co-op or single player mission gameplay: Play with your friends or lead a team yourself, when you want to play solo.
  • Dynamic Security and Alarm Levels: Depending on what you do in a mission you may trip alerts, making some missions more difficult – or shut off the alarm in time.
  • PvP duels and PvP Missions: Test your Shadowrunners in PvP against other players.
  • Evolving world campaign: New content will be released based on the collective actions of the players. This is your world!
  • Tough missions: Because life in the shadows is never easy!

Shadowrun Online is currently available for Early Access on Steam for $29.99. There’s no monthly subscription model so once you pay for the game its all yours.