Shadowrun Online Kickstarter Launches

Shadowrun Online Kickstarter Launches

Following the successful Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter campaign, Kickstarter sees the lunch of Shadowrun Online that is being handled by Cliffhanger Productions, who have worked together with Harebrained and Catalyst in creating the Shadowrun Universe.

Cliffhanger Productions is taking the game to the community in order to obtain funding. The reason is to ensure creative control for Shadowrun Online is not hampered by publishers and offer the fans a way to be part of the development of the game. Cliffhanger is working with Catalyst Game Labs and Hare Brained Schemes to ensure the continuity of the universe is maintained by using authors from Shadowrun. Cliffhanger is working hard with the teams behind Shadowrun Returns and the Shadowrun tabletop game to allow players to affect the storyline of the three.

The focus of Shadowrun Online is to experience the world of Shadowrun with other players. The game is a browser based and tablet MMO with a focus on coop gameplay, player vs player, and a deep story. The game will be made available for browsers and on Android tablets and iPads. The game is being created using the Unity3D game engine.

Shadowrun Online allows players to go on missions alone or with others. Missions range from hustling Ork gangs, steal valuable cargo from ghoul infested warehouses, and infiltrate remote research lab to sabotage a top secret project.

The game also has social hubs and famous establishments for players to meet, pickup missions, and form runner teams. Runs will require players engage in combat, use stealth, and develop strategies.

For more information on the upcoming Shadowrun projects check out and the Kickstarter for Shadowrun Online  here.