Shadowrun Online Planning on Pay to Own Price Model

on July 25, 2012 10:51 AM

Cliffhanger Productions has announced some new additions to their Kickstarter for Shadowrun Online and some videos detailing their gameplay.

Shadowrun Online  will be available as a dedicated client for all release platforms. The game will feature a Pay to Own revenue model that is like Guild Wars that has players purchase the game once and can play it without any monthly fees. Players will be able to purchase new campaigns or additional cities instead of paying a monthly subscription or purchasing in game items.

Shadowrun Online is trying to allow for players to play the game in a way that is comfortable to them, such as PvP for competitive players or coop missions for those looking to team up with friends. Cliffhanger Productions is trying to give the game a feel similar to physical games rather than those of digital games.

The game will have missions that are player driven with diverse goals and some missions feature legwork, which requires Runners to gather intel on targets before making a plan of attack on a run.

Fans of Shadowrun or fans of the Pay to Own model MMOs, such as myself, will definitely want to keep an eye on their Kickstarter for more information here. Also check out the videos released today below including one that features gameplay.

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