Shadowrun Returns Developer Announces Necropolis

Harebrained Schemes, the developers behind Shadowrun Returns, have announced a new game today simply titled Necropolis.

The game is a stylish dungeon-delving roguelike that has players venturing forth into Necropolis, the tomb of the archmage Abraxis in search of his lost collection of magical items and treasures. Unfortunately, the complex is a magical deathtrap that shifts and reconstructs itself constantly at the whim of its overseer, the Brazen Head, to feed Necropolis souls to maintain its magical properties.

Featuring third-person combat based on timing and animation, the game requires mastering using a smart mix of light and heavy attacks with precision to find success. It sounds a lot like Dark Souls with a bit of a Rogue Legacy twist, mixing brutal difficulty and pattern based combat with a location that constantly shifts after every death. The mixture sounds like a game I wanted to to have made yesterday.

You can checkout the games official site and devlog for more details as they come, but it already seems like a promising premise. The game is set to release on PC in 2016, with consoles currently being considered but unconfirmed.

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