Shadowrun Returns First In-Game Assets Revealed

Shadowrun Returns First In-Game Assets Revealed

Harebrained Schemes offer fans another update on the development of Shadowrun Returns, via their website. The team have been working on the game for about three months since the Kickstarter project ended and have shared for the first time, images of in-game character models.

Harbrained Schemes prefaced the images by saying:

Shadowrun Returns features turn-based tactical action. During action sequences like data heists or infiltration missions, you control a team of shadowrunners, pitting them against antagonists ranging from powerful individuals to a small army.

Therefore, your point-of-view needs to be far enough to give you a commanding view of the “battlefield”. If you’re able to see that many characters at once, our models need to be low-poly enough to render lots at the same time while also rendering a rich environment on a variety of devices. These choices resulted in character models of roughly 2,000 polys each.

We’ve already released some character design concept art but this is the first time we’re showing real-live-game-res models of player characters available in the game.

The update went on to say that Shadowrun Returns will give players lots of customization options when they begin creating their character. Players will be able to create both male and female characters of varying races, including; Human, Dwarf, Troll, Ork and Elf. On top of this, players will be able to choose a specific archetype for their character such as Street Samurai, Decker, Mage, Shaman, Rigger, or Physical Adapt and apply custom outfits to them.

For more information on how Shadowrun Returns is developing, visit the Harebrained Schemes website for the full update.