Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Campaign Ends Raising $1,895,772

Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Campaign Ends Raising $1,895,772

When Harebrained Schemes launched the Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Returns I was pretty sure that the initial goal of $400,000 was in reach. What I didn’t quite expect was to see the awesome but fairly niche franchise raise almost five time as much.

36,276 backers pledged of $1,836,447 on Kickstarter proper and some more on PayPal, reaching a grand total of $1,895,772. I’m quite sure a few corporate suits that closed the door in the face of Jordan Weisman in the past are currently munching at their nails. Looks like core gamers hold a little more weight than what some of the more and more casual-oriented publishers thought.


Since the project surpassed by far the 1.75 million dollars mark, Harebrained Schemes will add Physical Adepts (IE: magical ninja) to the game. The team promised to keep the communication channels open, and they launched a forum to hold a dialogue with fans and backers. You can access it here.

Below you can also watch a movie in which they share their earliest memories of Shadowrun and the celebratory clip in which they announce the success of the campaign. Can’t think of many better ways to end a Saturday night.