Shadows House Season 2 Reveal Leaves Fans Happy but Confused

Shadows House is continuing its anime for a season 2, leaving fans who read the manga confused - author Somato comments translated.

By Iyane Agossah

September 11, 2021

The final episode of Shadows House had a teaser trailer confirming a Season 2 for the anime is coming, a shock for the fans due to certain circumstances. What the authors behind the series previously said on Twitter is also taking a whole new meaning now.

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Tales of Arise | Forge Your Path Summary Trailer

Tales of Arise | Forge Your Path Summary Trailer

Shadows House season 2 announced, why fans are shocked

The first season of Shadows House had several plot differences compared to the original manga. The typical kind of thing that happens when a series only gets a single cour (10 to 13 episodes) to adapt a voluminous manga. Changes to the plot are made so it fits. However, now that a season 2 was announced, it means the story should get back on the manga’s tracks. Which could cause problems.

Shadows House‘s mangaka is Somato, which is actually a duo: we have Nori who handles the story, and Hisshi the artist. I won’t go into details to avoid spoilers, but the first notable difference between the anime and manga was in episode 4.

After episode 4 aired in May 2021, Somato explained on Twitter that they had to make changes to the plot, and will try to make it work out somehow if a season 2 is greenlit. Now that Shadows House season 2 is actually happening, Somato will have to try and make it all fit together somehow.

Shadows House season 2 trailer, release date predictions

You can find the announcement trailer for Shadows House season 2 below. No release date estimate was shared yet but it’s unlikely we’ll see season 2 airing before the end of 2022.

If you’re unfamiliar with Shadows House, it’s basically a story about several kids who are all living dolls and servants of noble kids. Except these nobles are all shadows, they look pitch black and have no faces. The series has a baroque ambiance and has a strange balance between cute moments delivered by its super cheerful protagonist, and the various mysteries going on.

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